Parenting - An Art , A Pleasure !

Delhi Public School Lava, organized a workshop on ‘Parenting – An Art, A Pleasure’, for all its parents. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Bharati Rakheja, Director of Soul Foundations, New Delhi and a Child and Parenting Counsellor and Ms. Nupur Agarwala, a counselling psychologist associated with Hi-Tech Hospital Nagpur.
The complexities of modern life have made parenting quite a struggle. The financial burdens, social responsibilities family commitments, cut-throat competition, desire to be the best all exert immense pressure on the parents. They unknowingly pass this on to their children. Trial and error techniques may or may not work. All parents, therefore need guidance, scientific parenting strategies that will help them implement their best intentions in an effective manner.
This parenting workshop, helped parents explore the scientific strategies of effective parenting. Separate sessions were conducted for parents of children in the Pre-primary section, in classes I-IV and classes V-VIII. Each two-hour session included activities, discussions and an exhaustive question-answer session. Lifestyle issues; decision making; disciplining the child; discovering strengths; imbibing responsibility; dealing with bullying and aggressive behavior; tantrums; value system clarifications; dealing with mood swings and sexual curiosity; enhancing resilience, confidence and leadership skills; having open communication; all were discussed and parents went back with invaluable insights and strategies. The content of each session was made more effective by powerpoint presentations, videos, and posters. The activities conducted by the experts made learning experiential and fun too. Parents went back with wonderful takeaways – enriched, motivated and inspired.

Added on: 10 Mar 2018