FAQS - DPS Nagpur

1. What is the strength of each section?
The Max strength in junior class up to class 1 (i.e nursery, LKG, UKG, class 1) will be 30 children, and thereon it will be a section of 40.

2. How many teachers will be there in each section?
At DPS Lava Nagpur, we follow a teacher student ratio of 1:20 that means there is one teacher for every 20 students.

3. What is the duration of the school? Timings?
Primary Classes Timing: 9:45 am to 1:10pm
Junior Classes Timing: 8:10 am to 3:10pm

4. Is transport available?
Yes. The school has comfortable buses on all routes

5. Are the teachers trained?
The School believe in continuous learning, even for its teachers. We have a dedicated training hour on Saturdays for our teaching fraternity.

6. How does the school communicate with the parents?
Circulars, Notices, Mobile App, SMS, Emails

7. What are the sports facilities offered by the school?
School offers indoor and outdoor sports facilities.
Indoor – Carom, Chess, Skating, badminton etc.
Outdoor – Cricket, Basketball, tennis, Football, Volleyball

8. Which board is the school affiliated to?

9. Do you have smart classes?
Yes, we do have smart class in all classes up to class 8th

10. Will there be a parent orientation programme?
Yes, at the beginning of each academic session

11. How big is the campus?
8.5 acre campus.

12. How do I know my child is safe in the school and on the bus?
The DPS Campus is completely wired with latest CCTV cameras. We have a dedicated sever room wherein all the happenings in the school are being recorded. Moreover, all our staff are trained to be safe and sensitive towards the children. Even our grade 4 staff, i.e cleaning staff, peons and guards are trained on hygiene and safety. Our school buses have both a male and a female attendant who is trained on first aid and emergency medical response. On certain routes teachers are accompanying the students.