Pre Primary Picnic

'A visit to farmhouse':
A farm visit that explores how food is grown and how animals are raised is an ideal way for city children to understand and connect with the natural world in a new way.
With this in mind, a farmhouse trip was organized for the pre-primary children of DPS Lava on Friday, 19th January 2018. The students visited Agarwala Farms at Fetri, not very far from the school premises. The trip was a wonderful way to engage, explore and enhance learning through enjoyment.
The farmhouse was surrounded by luscious fruit trees and plentiful vegetation. Children toured the farm and saw different types of fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers growing in abundance. They enjoyed playing with their friends on the swings and slides. The children were really thrilled when they saw a tortoise and some cows.
It was a fun-filled day and an exciting excursion for the pre-primary children of DPS Lava. The bright sunshine and crisp winter air doubled the fun element.

Added on: 19 Jan 2018