Camp Lava 2018

Camp Lava 2018 commenced at DPS Lava with a morning assembly that highlighted the attractions of the camp. The assembly was conducted by the co-curricular and pre-primary teachers.
Day 1 of the Camp was all about introductions and icebreakers. The excitement was palpable and the air was laden with anticipation. The new members of the DPS family [the new students}were given a warm welcome. Both, the sporting and creative activities took off on a promising note.
Day 1 set the tone for the coming fortnight. Camp Lava will be a fun learning experience for all the participants. The skills and techniques they learn will undoubtedly be enriching. It could be learning how to do the flamenco, paint, make music, speak with confidence, emote and act, even learn the basics of aeromodelling and robotics. Children will also learn to hook, shoot, dribble, pass, catch, rally, serve, bowl, tackle, dive, and score. Most importantly theywill learn to play, work, win or lose together. Camp Lava will help children build self-confidence and self-esteem by removing competition [academic, athletic or social] that shapes their lives today. The activities at Camp Lava have been designed and structured to promote fun and enhance and hone some skills.

Added on: 16 Apr 2018