Red Day

The pre-primary wing of DPS LAVA celebrated Red Day on July 11, 2018. The children were dressed in red attire and were encouraged to bring a red toy or anything red from home and talk about it in a line or two during circle time. 

The nursery children had a paper crumpling activity in class where they made cherries by crumpling paper and stuck them on a cherry bush. The KG1 children decorated beautiful red head gears for themselves and later wore it home. KG2 had a unique apple printing activity in which they took an impression of an apple on an apple tree. 
The fundamental concept of the primary colour Red and it's relevance in day-to-day life was reinforced in young children in this fun-filled way! The teachers also came dressed in all shades of red from crimson to scarlet! 

Added on: 12 Jul 2018