Installation of LAVA IMAPACTS

Rotary Club of Nagpur Vision installed the Board of Interact Club at DPS LAVA on 16th October
2018. Interact is a programme of Rotary International. It was created with the purpose of
providing an opportunity to students in the age group 12 years to 18 years to work together in a
world fellowship dedicated to service, international understanding and leadership development
LAVA IMPACTS is what the Interact club at DPS Lava Is called. IMPACTS is an acronym for I Mindfully Pledge and Aspire to Contribute Towards Society. Each Board member and all the students pledged to put service before self.
The President and other office bearers of the Rotary Club of Nagpur Vision were present. 
The Principal, Ms. Anupuma Sagdeo welcomed the distinguished guests. 
The newly appointed President of the Board presented the blueprint of the first project to be undertaken by Lava IMPACTS - A drive to spread awareness in one’s neighborhood against the use of plastic bags and encourage the use of paper and cloth bags.

Board Members of Interact Club – LAVA IMPACTS
(I Mindfully Pledge and Aspire to Contribute Towards Society)
1. Manisha Mondal VII A President
2. Mir Alam VII B Vice President
3. Ishita Muzumdar VII B Secretary
4. Shlok Tiwari VII A Treasurer
5. Surabhi Udawant VII B Director International Understanding
6. Maria Zakir VII B Director Community Service
7. Rugvedi Bind VII B Director Club Service
8. Raghav Patil VII B Director Youth Generation
9. Vineet Shah VII B Joint Secretary
10. Kirti Yadav VII B Sergeant at arms

Added on: 16 Oct 2018