KHOJ 2019

“Self discovery often happens when we move out of our comfort zone and
change the norm.”
KHOJ 2019 prodded and pushed students of Grades IV and V out of their comfort
zones. It was an experience that will leave an indelible mark. Like all other events
and programmes at DPS Lava, KHOJ 2019, had modern pedagogical, educational,
adventurous, experiential and fun components.
Students of Grades IV and V had an overnight camp at school on 25 th January
2019. This was an adventure, a rollercoaster ride where every moment was
thrilling. A Treasure Hunt set the ball rolling. Team games, Poster Making,
Guessing the Song from the Tune, fostered team spirit and reinforced the ‘we
feeling’. A Cryptic Tambola around the campfire had the children activating their
grey cells. Music, dance and delicious food added to the joy and delight. On 26 th
morning everyone participated in a Yoga Session, unfurled the National Flag and
went back home with amazing memories.
KHOJ 2019 set students on the path of self discovery. They discovered the fun of
learning from each other; they discovered hitherto untapped potentials. This
wonderous self discovery will go a long way in building self confidence and self
“Discovering who you are today is the first step to being who you will be
tomorrow.” KHOJ 2019 sowed the seeds of self discovery.

Added on: 25 Jan 2019