Book Buzz

“Books break the shackles of time. Books are proof that humans can work magic.”
- Carl Sagan
Delhi Public School Lava experienced some of this magic at the annual
event - BOOK BUZZ ON 9 TH February 2019. The students had put together
engrossing narratives, colourful story boards, thought provoking skits,
insightful street plays, amazing word games, interesting magic shows, a hair
raising horror house, a bioscope that made many nostalgic, a delightful
book fair and food stalls serving mouth watering snacks.
BOOK BUZZ is , the culmination of the year long READ and GROW
PROGRAMME at DPS Lava. The programme aims at inculcating the habit
and love for reading. The library at DPS Lava is always vibrant and buzzing
and DIpsites have become avid readers.
Dr. V S Sapkal, Professor and HOD of Chemical Technology and also the
acting V C of Sant Gadge Baba Amaravati Universty , inaugurated BOOK
BUZZ. The gracious presence of Mr. Ashok Agarwala, the trustee of the
school, and all the parents made the event special.

Added on: 09 Feb 2019