Book Buzz at Delhi Public School Lava, Nagpur

Children who read often and widely get better at it. Reading exercises our brain, improves concentration, teaches children about the world around them, improves vocabulary and language skills, develops a children's imagination, helps children to develop empathy, it is a great way to spend time together. Children who read achieve better in school.
As part of the Read and Grow programme, “Book Buzz” – a unique programme was organized.
Students of Delhi Public School Lava narrated stories using storyboards, presented skits and street plays. Interesting puzzles were also conducted in the library for the parents. Twenty stories were narrated with confidence and elan. Parents were awestruck by the mesmerizing performances. The biggest attraction of the event was the Bioscope made out of waste material in the school. The students operated it like professionals. Parents viewed the story presented through the Bioscope multiple times. Parents appreciated the efforts of the students and staff of Delhi Public School Lava and said that it was a morning well spent.

Added on: 13 Jan 2018